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Jim Connors is a phenomenal singer/showman and superb entertainer - and happens to also be a gifted, classically-trained organist. 
Jim performs over 500 upbeat, entertaining shows annually with his custom touring organ, a state-of-the-art Lowrey Virtual Orchestra
He strategically tailors each event to maximize engagement opportunities with senior friends. 
Fresh, relevant, fun-themed shows are introduced every month. 
He’s always researching new show material. 
You’re always in store for a treat as Jim transports his audience members on a journey, highlighting top classic pop idols of their youth.

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Jim’s Story

Jim Connors, whose stint as organist for the Houston Astros earned him the BMI Music-in-Sports Award, is one of Greater Houston’s most sought-after musicians and entertainers.

Born in Pittsburgh, PA, Jim grew up in Wilmington, DE. The sixth of seven children, he began formal piano lessons at age seven. Beginning classical organ training at age nine, he shortly became church organist. At eleven, Jim played his first wedding.

Early training included study with renowned theatre organist Lee Erwin of New York City. While majoring in organ under Robert J. Jones at the University of Houston, he was inducted into Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. Continued studies at the University of Arizona were under the direction of Roy A. Johnson. 

He is longtime organist of Christ Church United Methodist, The Woodlands, TX, and Artistic Director for Grandview Manor at Thomas Ranch, Richards, TX. A board member of the Houston Theatre Organ Society, he promotes its restored 1926 Wurlitzer. In addition, he is Product Specialist with Church Organ Solutions, McKinney, TX. His extensive background in classical and popular music has provided opportunity to play some of the most prestigious organs in the U.S.

In recent years the discovery of a latent vocal talent that, combined with his lifelong expertise at the organ, allowed Jim to become a “Singing-One-Man-Band.” Now presenting over 500 shows annually, he hauls his portable touring organ to entertain Houston’s growing retirement community with his extraordinary musical gifts.

Jim Connors seeks to engage audiences, leaving them singing, humming, or whistling music he shares.

This video eloquently describes why Jim loves doing what he does.

There are some wonderful entertainers - and too many mediocre and bad ones - on the “retirement circuit” that “just don’t get it”. Jim works about 50 senior gigs a month in the Houston area, mostly one-man-band variety shows, some piano sing-alongs/cocktail hours - all with specific intent to transport them to their past - with the end goal of creating new memories.

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